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*The bealways promise

Why would anyone offer you a service without guaranteeing it's success? You don't know us and you don't trust us (yet). Maybe you even made some bad experience with competitors and are sceptical. No worries: Here's where we come in and this is how it works...
3 EASY STEPS how The bealways promise works
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When you're not seeing the results and the success you want for your business, it's time to talk to a brand growth expert. Our marketing team helps you grow, guaranteed.*

Goal setting during the call

During your free 30 Min Strategy Session, we start to set realistic goals, based on our experience and your expectations. We collect and analyse as much data as possible to ensure predictable accomplishments. in some cases, this takes a bit more time. To not waste your time, we follow-up on that later on and focus on giving you quick wins upfront. However, most importantly for us is to make sure we set goals that are both realistic and match your expectations. Then, this will become our most important metric of success.

Implement Guarantee*

As promised, the set objective is guaranteed by us. This includes set impressions, time frames, and/or equivalent metrics. The set goal(s) will be a written part of the contract and is also part of our satisfaction policy. To clarify this from the beginning: We can only guarantee what we are in control of. Talk to your dedicated expert to learn more.

Disclaimer/Clarification: We can only guarantee what we are in control of. That (especially) excludes Google SEO rankings or sales. However, impressions, time frames, CTRs (landing pages we created), CPMs, CPAs are all Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) that are linked to landing pages created by us are predictable in terms of minimal/realistic set expectations. Our target with this guarantee is to give you safety and a feeling of realistic, predictable results. Based on our experience, we only guarantee realistic results. Furthermore, it is much likely to encounter those results. However, if this is not the case, we are going to refund you in full as written in the contract.  Bealways and the whole team stand for transparency, credibility and responsibility. If we do not accomplish your set goals, it is more than likely our fault. As promised, we are going to refund you.
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